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Distinguished and Famous people from Young

1. Sir Donald Bradman (1908-2001)

Sir Donald Bradman, widely regarded as the greatest cricketer of all time, was born in Cootamundra, but spent his early childhood in Young. His family moved to the area when he was two years old, and he attended the local public school. Bradman went on to achieve remarkable records in cricket and played 52 Test matches for Australia between 1928 and 1948.

2. Frank Hurley (1885-1962)

Frank Hurley, an Australian photographer and adventurer, was born in Glebe, Sydney, but lived in Young for a period of his childhood. He is best known for his amazing photographs taken during several expeditions to the polar regions. Hurley's breathtaking images captured moments of history, including the expedition of Sir Ernest Shackleton and the landing on Gallipoli during World War I.

3. Sam Moran (born 1978)

Sam Moran, an Australian entertainer and children's television presenter, was born in Young. He is best known for his time as the lead vocalist of the children's music group, The Wiggles, from 2006 to 2012. During his tenure, he gained popularity among young audiences worldwide.

4. Edna Walling (1895-1973)

Edna Walling, a prominent Australian landscape designer and writer, was born in Devonport, Tasmania, but spent some time in Young during her career. Walling designed over 250 gardens across Australia, emphasizing natural materials and blending the landscape with architecture. Her expertise made her an influential figure in Australian garden design.

5. Irene Handl (1901-1987)

Irene Handl, a British actress, was born in Maida Vale, London, but spent her later years in Young. She appeared in numerous films, television shows, and stage productions throughout her career, often portraying eccentric characters. Handl became a beloved figure in the British acting industry, known for her unique style and comedic timing.

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