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Distinguished and Famous people from Young

Young, a town located in the south-west of New South Wales, has been home to some of the most distinguished and famous individuals in Australia. Here are a few of them:

1. Sir William McMahon: Born on February 23, 1908, in Sydney, William McMahon served as Australia's 20th Prime Minister from 1971 to 1972. He was elected to the Australian Parliament in 1949 and became a Minister in 1951. He also served as Treasurer of Australia from 1971 to 1972. McMahon is known for his accomplishments in the fields of economics and finance.

2. John Cornwell: Born on October 3, 1903, in Young, John Cornwell was a prominent Australian politician and lawyer. He was elected to the Australian Parliament in 1940 and served as a Liberal Party member for nineteen years. Cornwell held various portfolios including Minister of Primary Industry and Environmental Control. He made significant contributions towards the protection of Australia's natural resources.

3. The Chaffey Brothers: George and William Chaffey were born in Ontario, Canada. They moved to California in the 1870s and were instrumental in the development of irrigation systems that transformed the area of Riverside in California. In 1886, they moved to Australia and worked on developing irrigation schemes in Victoria and South Australia. They also established the town of Renmark, where they grew grapevines and oranges. In 1903, they moved to Young and established the famous 'Cherry Capital of Australia'.

4. Ernie Toshack: Born in Wagga Wagga, Toshack spent most of his youth in Young. He is a former Australian cricketer who played for the Australian team from 1946 to 1948. He is famous for his ten-wicket haul in a match against England in 1946. Toshack is regarded as one of the best left-arm fast bowlers in the history of Australian cricket.

5. Paul Higgins: Born in Young, Paul Higgins is a former Australian rules footballer who played for Essendon in the Victorian Football League. He played in the 1984 Grand Final and won the Norm Smith Medal as the best player. Higgins was also selected as an All-Australian in 1985.

6. Eileen Kramer: Born on November 8, 1914, Eileen Kramer is an Australian artist, dancer and choreographer. She spent most of her childhood in Young. Kramer studied art in Sydney and then moved to London. She worked with various artists and writers and established herself as an artist, dancer and choreographer. At the age of 103, she became the oldest person in Australia to perform on stage.

These distinguished and famous people from the town of Young have made significant contributions to Australia's political, social, cultural and sporting heritage. They serve as an inspiration to the people of Young and beyond.

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