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Young Multicultural

Multicultural Organisations in Young, NSW, Australia

Young is a vibrant and colourful town located in the South West Slopes region of New South Wales, Australia. The town is known for its natural beauty and cultural diversity. With a rich history and unique character, Young is home to a number of multicultural organisations that promote unity, tolerance and understanding amongst its members. Here are some of the multicultural organisations found around the town of Young:

1. The Young Multicultural Group

The Young Multicultural Group is an active organization of diverse individuals with the aim of building and extending opportunities for people of all cultures to come together and share their experiences. The group has been working hard to create a harmonious and inclusive community that is grounded in respect, appreciation and dignity for all members. They organize a wide range of events and activities throughout the year, such as cultural food festivals, art exhibitions, sports tournaments, and cultural tours. These events are open to all members of the community and create an opportunity for people to explore, learn and appreciate other cultures. For more information, contact Young Multicultural Group via email: youngmulticulturalevents@gmail.com.

2. The Chinese Association of Young

The Chinese Association of Young (CAY) is a non-profit organisation established in 1987 to promote the Chinese heritage and culture among the Chinese community in the region. The association regularly hosts events to celebrate key cultural events such as Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. They also run classes on Chinese language and culture for adults and children. The CAY is a welcoming community with a strong emphasis on family values, and new members are always welcome. For more information, contact the CAY via email: chineseassociationofyoung@hotmail.com.

3. The Sikh Community of Young

The Sikh community is an integral part of the Young community, with a rich history and culture stretching back generations. The Sikh Community of Young is a registered not-for-profit organisation that provides a platform for members to engage, connect and unify. The community regularly hosts cultural events such as Vaisakhi, Diwali and Nagar Kirtan, along with community activities like picnics and sports tournaments. Young's Sikh Community also places a strong emphasis on contributing to the wider community through volunteering and fundraising. If you are interested in finding out more about the Sikh community in Young, contact the Sikh Association of Young via email: sikhyoung@gmail.com.

4. The Lebanese Community of Young

The Lebanese community of Young, like many other migrant communities, has added an extra layer of diversity to the already culturally rich town. The Lebanese Community of Young (LCY) is a not-for-profit community organisation that works within the Lebanese community, along with other community organisations and groups, to support the social, cultural and economic well-being of its members. The LCY hosts many cultural events throughout the year such as Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha and Lebanon’s Independence Day. They also provide support services for people who recently migrated to the area, to help them overcome the challenges of settling in a new place. Contact the LCY via email: lebanesecommunityofyoung@gmail.com.

5. The Italian Community of Young

The Italian community has been an integral part of the Young community for almost a century. The Italian Community of Young (ICOY) was founded in 1951 and is dedicated to preserving Italian culture and heritage in the region. The ICOY organises a variety of events and activities throughout the year, including the Feast of the Madonna della Strada, the Blessing of the Grapes, and cultural evenings. The ICOY also provides support services to Italian migrants in the region, including language support and assistance with navigating Australian systems and services. Contact ICOY via email: italianofoyoung@gmail.com.


The multicultural organisations in Young promote and celebrate diversity, cultural heritage and differences whilst also ensuring that the community stays connected. The organisations accomplish this through various events and activities that educate and foster understanding amongst the different cultures living in the area. Young residents and visitors are encouraged to explore these different communities and participate in the activities they offer. Such opportunities provide a unique experience for everyone, creating lifelong memories and a sense of cultural appreciation.

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